Little Dragon Flies in the Sun

A little dragon, who lives in a dark cave, faces her fear and sets out into the daylight to find others like herself. A story of loving yourself and chasing your dreams.


In a valley between two snow-capped mountains, a little dragon lived alone.  She spent her days hidden inside a cave so deep, the darkness closed around her like water.  At night, the little dragon would creep out among the trees to drink from a nearby stream and stretch her wings.  She would listen to the owls hooting and the rustle of the bats as they took flight in search of food and landed after they had fed.  Sometimes, she would try to copy the night time noises she heard, hooting, flapping her wings, scuffling the underbrush to be a part of the activity.  Although the other evening dwellers moved around her, they all knew she was different and kept their distance.

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